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Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care

In the early spring of 1998, The Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care was started by a vibrant group of highly trained pastoral counselors who sought  to bring a unique service to the metropolitan community of St. Louis.  That unique group of therapists addressed the struggles of emotional and spiritual distress.  The heart of their mission included giving a safe space for renewed hopes and the alleviation of suffering.  The human heart and mind have faced these challenges for thousands of years.  Yet today, what is different is the way mental health care is discussed, delivered and deciphered.  As the remaining solo pastoral counselor, I continue to utilize the wisdom of the past approaches and move forward into the challenges of our present day.    


Where is the future taking us?  As in the spirit of this relational work, who knows?  Where is our power of self-reflection and change going?  Some want the motivation of goals and quick interventions .  Others want to be heard and others are ready to venture into the journey of understanding one's own mind.  I am here to begin with respect  and clarification of your own personal values, convictions and experiences.  As seeing through the scopes of a pair binocular, this work brings together the lenses of two disciplines:  psychology and theology.  My services are for a large vision of people who are culturally diverse and who desire dialogue, change and relief.  I am trained to work with children, adults, couples and families who are seeking to enhance self-worth, a sense of meaning, purpose and  value.  Consultations are also available to individuals, groups, clergy and congregations of any tradition,  and corporations.

Rev. Linda Horrell

M. Div., BCC, MSW, LCSW, QCSW, Fellow, AAPC

Executive Director

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