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The Gift


In the recent October 15, 2012 issue of Newsweek magazine a review of the neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s newly published book, Proof of Heaven, was included. This book and the message it contains was written following Dr. Alexander’s near death encounter while lying in a severe coma for 7 days.

As the staff of our Center recently gathered for our regular monthly meeting we began to talk together about the season of giving that is beginning to approach each of us and the many people we care for.  As we considered the spirit of giving that is especially evident at this time of year we wondered together about the origins of this love and how it is that we as a people are moved to freely extend ourselves to one another? While reflecting on Dr. Alexander’s story we began to share our own experiences of this gift of love and how it has infused and transformed our lives.
Our understanding of Dr. Alexander’s essential message goes something like this:

Life brings many truths, of these truths one is a gift that was formed before creation itself:

  • You are loved completely.
  • Nothing you can do will either increase or diminish the extent to which you are loved. It is absolute and complete.
  • While life itself is complex and unpredictable this love for you is forever simple and enduring.
  • Whether in days of struggle or in days of ease this love will remain steadfast.

Try to not be afraid to live fully into your life; this gift will never fail you.  As you are able, try to give yourself to the promise and direction it holds for you.

When walking through the door of this building, which often feels more like a home, many of us are greeted by a sense of being held and reassured.  Through this gift we are led to care for others even as we are also being cared for.

Our sincere thoughts and best wishes go out to each of you.  Thank you for the gift you are to us, we are grateful for the eternal truth that lives within you.Thank you for your support, please remember us in your charitable giving. 

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Doug McGraw
Executive Director

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