Center for Counseling and Pastoral Card
Our Approach
Our pastoral approach to the counseling we provide begins by respecting and clarifying each person’s personal values and convictions. We use two lenses to clarify and focus on each person’s emotional and spiritual needs. These two disciplines are psychology and theology. When we integrate them we can creatively serve a wide range of people. We are trained to work with adults, children, couples and families enhancing self-worth, a sense of meaning, purpose and value.
Our Staff
Our therapists are experienced, psychologically skilled and theologically informed. Most are ordained clergy and all are endorsed and blessed by their church and called to the ministry of pastoral care and counseling. All of our counselors belong to the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Additionally, some are Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors or Licensed Clinical Social Workers.
Rev. Dr. Doug McGraw, D. Min., LCPC
Fellow, AAPC
Rev. Linda Horrell, M. Div., BCC, MSW, LCSW, QCSW,
Fellow, AAPC
Sharon McMullen Orlet, M. Div., Fellow, AAPC
Rev. Barb Powers, M. Div., LPC